We have been spinning fluff for friends & family for ages.  At their urging, we created fluff + fluff as a proper place to order fluff and delight palates on a more democratic scale. We spin fluff from organic cane sugars, natural flavors, colors and snappy toppings to add dimension to the joy of cotton candy. 

 The fluff + fluff think tank is always creating new concepts to dazzle at your events. We constantly dream up new flavors and creative ways to spin our wispy confections and then, we add the magic of creative customizations. Give us a notion to work with and we will make certain it becomes a divine experience for you.   

We thrill to hear your ideas. Go on... Impress us with your creative genius.

Tell us what you have in mind.

We are so excited to hear from you!            


fluffy - wispy - yay!

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